High School Open House 2012

During this year's open house on 19 May, we flew the A.R. Drone outside Kah Kee Hall and attracted much attention from parents and P6 students. Even some of our teachers were surprised by the appearance of the flying drone and found it extremely fun and interesting. It did not take long for a crowd to form around the two students, Fabian and Anton, who were doing the flight showcase.


Many P6 students were attracted to the A.R.Drone and even queued up for their opportunity to fly the A.R. Drone for themselves, under the supervision of Anton. Parents were also encouraged that the school promoted projects of such a nature.


It was a pity that our modified A.R. Drone was not working at the point in time. Otherwise, Anton and Fabian would have been able to showcase their successes. (We were flying the original one without any modification.) Nonetheless, the students explained the ideas behind their modifications to many parents who came forward with many queries on the project.