Project Log - Anton & Fabian

Last Updated by Fabian on 11 June

  • Modification to AR Drone to carry loads (before we can further develop it to carry other items, such as a banner)
  • Extending battery life through modification
  • Extending wifi range of AR Drone

Our progress thus far:

  • Had a discussion on project objectives and estimated timeline with the other AR.Drone team and Mr Jonathan Neo on 11 May
  • Set up a booth during High School Open House on 19 May - attracted much attention from P6 students, parents and even existing students and teachers.
  • Attended NI workshop on 23 May 2012
  • Picked up basic programming in NI Labview and explored some possibilities for using Labview in the AR Drone and Intel Wireless proejcts with instructor Mr Kwok How

Extending Battery Life
  • Purchased batteries
  • [Problem] Disassembled batteries, realised batteries can’t be removed from casing
  • [Possible Solution] Bottom cavity has space for 2x stock AR.Drone batteries, can try wiring them in parallel.

Carrying Load
  • Disassembled and reworked ardrone
  • [Success] Ardrone motherboard and daughterboards are now connected side by side rather than stacked.
  • [Success] Removed some extra weight, ardrone now weighs a full 120g less than before.
  • [Problem] 8-pin cable does not connect the two boards together - Need to fabricate/purchase

Extending Wifi Range
  • Procured a phone
  • Process of adding modifications
  • [Problem] Phone is single-touch, not multi-touch as required by software
  • [Problem] Trying to make it multi-touch or at least allow two contact points rather than one to circumvent problem
  • [Trying...] Also trying to modify software to force it to install and run

Meeting on 8/6/2012 with Mr Kwok Lih at Intel
  • Cable might be faulty.
  • Cable can cause interference if it's too long. Keep the cable short.
  • Make sure cable pinning is correct
  • Buy the cable from hobbyist shops; they may have the wires we need
  • Use Vero boards, can make the job of finding the pinnings easier
  • Solder pins individually rather than finding retail pins if all else fails
  • Altimeter might be affected by tunnel since it fires in a dispersed wave rather than a dispersed beam.
  • Port is probably UART rather than USB
  • Is the AR.Drone aerodymically balanced?

*Red denotes work in progress.