Our Initial Ideas

When we first brainstormed on ideas for modifications to the drone, there are 3 main areas we looked into:
  1. Hardware - battery, rotors, blades
  2. Software - firmware, applications
  3. Design - aerodynamics

A.R. Drone Project Team Objectives / Tasks

1. Short Battery Life
  • Batteries only last for 15min with hours of charging
  • Increasing number of batteries will affect stability and lift of ArDrone
  • Seek to extend battery life through modifications

2. Incorporation of other sorts of programming / control device
  • Remote control
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS

3. Improving on existing programming / control functions
  • Using camera as a tool to locate and identify objects
  • Extending the wifi range

4. Employ A.R. Drone for alternative use
  • Using the drone to fly during school events such as Open House, National Day, etc
  • Look into practical usage of the drone, such as carrying weight
  • Using camera for photography and videoing purposes

5. Interactivity / Communication between 2 or more AR Drone
  • To introduce some form of intelligence into the A.R. Drone such that they are able to fly in a synchronised manner