What's A.R. Drone?

As mentioned on the home page, A.R. Drone is a radio-controlled quadrocopter that can be operated through an application on Apple and Android devices. The structure is constructed of carbon-fibre tubes. Power is from a rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack. With a weight of 380 grams (outdoor hull) or 420 grams (with "indoor hull"), it can maintain flight for about 12 minutes. Two cameras are fitted at the front and at the bottom of the drone.

For more technical specifications, you can refer here: http://ardrone.parrot.com/parrot-ar-drone/en/technologies.

Why work on A.R. Drone?

  • A D.I.Y. multicopter such as A.R. Drone gives us the hands-on experience of working on something fun and exciting

  • Assembly kits and D.I.Y. copters are harder in nature to program and build but can be altered to suit our liking and needs. This is a challenge we pose to ourselves. The flexibility of such kits also allow us to put our creativity to work, solving problems through experimentation.

external image ALVoK3VSObIwvtKe.medium

  • Ranging anything from tracking capabilities to autonomous flight to hardware modifications, there are already so many existing projects working on modifications to the A.R. Drone. There's a well of knowledge on the drone that is shared among the enthusiasts. It's so exciting to join and also contribute to this community of developers!

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