A.R. Drone

A radio-controlled quadrocopter that can be operated through an app which is downloadable by Apple and Android devices.

external image AR.Drone-06-b.jpgexternal image uxWd4rWLxxKhcLdn.medium



Currently, we have two groups of Secondary 4 students who are working on A.R. Drone modifications.
  • Anton and Fabian form a team which seeks to resolve hardware issues such as the short battery life and limited wifi range of the A.R. Drone.
  • Joel and Shengyang form a second team which seeks to improve the A.R. Drone's capabilities through software modification (e.g. getting the drone to recognise objects, unmanned flight.)

As the projects progress, the two groups will be documenting their experimentation process on their project logs. We will also be creating videos (also looking into other forms of multimedia!) to capture the stories behind the successes and failures of our students. Stay tuned!


We have been featured in a blog post by Mr Ronian Siew. In the article, Mr Siew discusses on the importance of infusing creativity in learning and daring to challenge the norm. He also talked about Team Anton and Fabian and their experimentations with the A.R. Drone. Click the picture below to see more!



The students have been fortunate to receive the advice of the following people:
  • Mr Kwok Lih from Intel Wireless Communications
  • Mr Loh Kwok How from National Instruments
  • Mr Mohan Rajesh Elara from Singapore University of Technology and Design